Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize 2008


The 2010 Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize
£1,000 to be Won

In honour of Dr Chris R. Tame (1949-2006), The Libertarian Alliance offers a yearly prize of £1,000 for an essay on a subject to be announced by Dr Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance.

By Monday the 25th October 2010, contestants are invited to submit essays to Dr Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance.

Essay Title: "Would a libertarian society deprive individuals of cultural roots and collective identity?"
Essay Length: 3,000 words excluding notes and bibliography

Explanatory Note

Something that variously inspires and terrifies is that claim that Islam resets the clock in any society where it is widely adopted. For example, the ancient histories of Persia and Egypt were obliterated between the 7th and the 9th centuries - so much so that they were only revealed to the natives of those countries in the 19th century by western scholars.

Would the achievement of libertarian hegemony result in a similar wipe out? Is it possible that the libertarian inhabitants of a future British Isles would regard Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square with the same utilitarian indifference as, until recently, Egyptian Moslems did the Great Pyramid and the Temple at Karnak? Libertarianism, after all, is an ideology of personal rights. Doubtless, libertarians will continue to get married and have children, and will form networks of friends. They will trade and cooperate extensively. Many will go to church or whatever. Most, one hopes, will take pleasure in charitable giving. But will they have the same cultural roots and collective identity as Englishmen and Frenchmen of our own day still have? Are these things actually valuable? Are they simply part of a discourse that keeps people enslaved? Or are they parts of a sedative that keeps us from seeing the full horror of death and taxes?

These notes are not to be regarded as exhaustive prompts. The winning essay may well take a different approach to the title. And originality is welcomed. Entrants may wish to find a similarity between our title for this year's prize and the "Libertarianism and Racial Nationalism" essay contest run earlier this year by The Occidental Observer. While we are unlikely to give £1,000 to someone for arguing that libertarianism is part of a Jewish plot to destroy white racial identity, some familiarity with this type of critique may be useful.


For all questions, please contact Sean Gabb, though be prepared to wait for an answer.