Record of Proceedings:

Saturday 22 November - Sunday 23 November, 2003

Saturday:                         10.00am-6.00pm
Sunday:                           10.00am-7.00pm
Sunday - Banquet:         8.00pm-11.00pm

The National Liberal Club
Whitehall Place
London SW1A 2HE


Saturday Session

Sunday  Session

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About The Speakers:

David Carr is the Libertarian Alliance's Legal Affairs spokesman and a senior member of the team ( A graduate in law from Trent Polytechnic, he is today a practising solicitor. He is the author of a number of LA publications, including Don't Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer: The Operation, Scope and Possible Effects of the Government's War on Money Laundering, Why Is the Creative World So Socialist and What, if Anything, Can We Do About It?, DIY Hollywood: Independent Film-Making and How Cheap Digital Technology Will Transform It, Let's Start World War Three: Ideas are Our Bombs and Words are Our Bullets, and Between 'Slaves of Ruffians' and 'The Decision of the Sword': In Support of the Common Law Tradition of Self-Defence.

Dr. Phil Collins is Director of the Social Market Foundation an influential voice in recent health, education, welfare and pensions policy reform. Its current work reflects a commitment to understanding how individuals, society and the state can work together to achieve the common goal of creating a just and free society. ( He was educated at the universities of Birmingham, London and Cambridge in History, Politics and Political Theory respectively. Immediately before joining the SMF he was Head of UK Equity Strategy at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and before that at HSBC James Capel and Fleming Investment Management. He has also had spells working at the BBC, LWT, the Institute of Education and for Frank Field MP. His main research interests are in the fields of education and race and nationhood and his first novel, The Men From The Boys was published 2002.

Dr. David Conway is Senior Research Fellow in Theology and Religious Studies at Roehampton University of Surrey, and formerly Professor of Philosophy at Middlesex University. He is the author of A Farewell to Marx, Classical Liberalism: The Unvanquished Ideal, Free Market Feminism, Equal Opportunity: A Feminist Fallacy and The Rediscovery of Wisdom: From Here to Antiquity in Search of Sophia, and, for the LA, The Ethical Justification of Nuclear Deterrence, as well as articles in other books and scholarly and other journals.

Paul Coulam is a graduate of Leicester University, and has an MSc in Political Philosophy from the London School of Economics. He is Commissioning Editor for Philosophy for the academic publisher Ashgate Publishing (, and is the author, for the LA, of For a New Libertarianism: Problems and Perspectives in Friedman, Rothbard and Rand and Do We Chose To Do What We Do?

Dr. Stephen Davies is Lecturer in History at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is co-editor of A Dictionary of Conservative and Libertarian Thought, and has contributed to a wide range of journals and books including Economic Affairs, Cato Journal, The Journal of Social Philosophy and Policy, Critical Review, The 'New Right' Enlightenment, The State or the Market, and Crime and the Law. His first book, Empiricism and History, has just been published by Palgrave. For the LA he has written Globalisation is Good, Libertarian Feminism in Britain, and Towards the Remoralisation of Society.

Professor David Marsland is Professor of Health Informatics at Brunel University. Amongst his many books are Seeds of Bankruptcy: Sociological Bias Against Business and Freedom, Welfare or Welfare State: Contradictions and Dilemmas in Social Policy, Public Sector Enterprise: A Contradiction in Terms, Work and Employment in Liberal Democratic Societies, Education For Defeat, Cradle to Grave: Comparative Perspectives on the State of Welfare, Education and Youth, Self Reliance: Reforming Welfare in Advanced Societies, Understanding Youth: Issues and Methods in Social Education. He has also contributed to many scholarly and political journal including The British Journal of Sociology, The American Sociologist, Society, Economic Affairs, and Salisbury Review. For the LA he has written In Defence of British Values, Beyond the Welfare State, and After Empire. In 1991 he was the first recipient of The Thatcher Award, in recognition of his research and writing on individualism and freedom.

Alberto Mingardi is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for the New Europe ( in Brussels, having formerly been Visiting Fellow at both the Atlas Research Foundation and the Acton Institute. He is Editorial Director of Leonardo Facco Editore (Treviglio), and a member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundazione Liberal (Rome). His articles have appeared in a wide range of scholarly and political journals and websites, including The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Wall Street Journal Asia, Economic Affairs, Markets and Morality, National Review On Line,, and In Italy he is a regular contributor to the dailies Libero and Il Riformista. His study of the great Thomistic-Aristotelian philosopher Antonio Rosmini Serbati (1797-1855) will shortly be appearing in Markets and Morality. He is also the author of 1999 Fuga Dall Stato, co-editor of Il Coraggio della Libertà (a Festschrift in honor of Italian economist Sergio Ricossa) and is co-author, with Carlo Stagnaro, of a forthcoming book on J. R. R. Tolkien's political thought.

Dr Larry O'Hara is the UK's leading expert on contemporary fascist and nazi movements and a leading investigatory journalist on the secret state and "parapolitical" issues. A socialist, he is the editor of the investigatory journal, Notes From the Borderland, and author of a number of monographs, including Searchlight For Beginners, Turning Up the Heat: MI5 After the Cold War, and Paradise Referred Back: A Radical Look at the Green Party. A number of his essays have also appeared in Lobster, including "British Fascism, 1974-1992", "Combat 18 and MI5: Some Background Notes" and "The 1986 National Front Split". As a result of his research he has been the target of smear campaigns, violence, and provocations to violence and murder by both nazis and the pseudo-Marxist espionage, disinformation and violence group Searchlight. His twice-yearly journal of para-politics, Notes from the Borderland, has feature articles on illegal secret state disruption of the Euro-sceptic movement, attempted fascist infiltration of Euro-scepticism, the Shayler case, and intelligence agency involvement in the Soho bombings. Details can be found at:

Dr. Dennis O'Keeffe is Senior Research Fellow in Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs and Professor of Social Science at the University of Buckingham. His many books and monographs include The Wayward Elite, Homage to Orwell, Truancy in English Schools, School Attendance and Truancy, Education and Indoctrination, Political Correctness and Public Finances and he has contributed to numerous journals, including Salisbury Review, The World and I, Encounter Economic Affairs, and the LA's Free Life. Also for the LA he has written The Follies of Multiculturalism. He is author of two forthcoming works, Economy and Virtue: Essays on Markets and Morality and (with David Marsland) Reform or Stagnation in British Universities. His translation - the first - of Benjamin Constant's Principe du Politique will be published by Liberty Press in January 2004. He is also Editor of Salisbury Review.

Carlo Stagnaro is a free-lance journalist based in Italy, co-editor of the libertarian magazine Enclave (Treviglio, Italy), and a Fellow of International Policy Network (London, UK). His articles have been published in a wide range of magazines, in Italy and abroad, including Il Giornale (Milan), Il Domenicale (Milan), Ideazione (Rome), Fondazione Liberal (Rome), National Review Online (New York), (Auburn, Alabama), Chronicles (Rockford, Illinois), and The Journal of Firearms and Public Policy (Bellevue, Washington). He was editor of he book Waco: Una Strage di Stato Americano, is contributor to a book on global warming and the costs of the Kyoto Protocol, the author of a book on Giovannino Guareschi, and, with Alberto Mingardi, of a forthcoming book on the politics of J.R.R. Tolkein. His website (in English) is:

Dr. Bill Thompson is former Lecturer in Human Sexuality at the University of Reading, and one of Britain's leading experts on pornography and child abuse. His books include Soft Core: Moral Crusades Against Pornography in Britain and America and Sadomasochism: Painful Perversion or Pleasurable Play? For the LA he has written Moral Crusades and Media Censorship. He has contributed to many scholarly books including Ill-Effects: The Media Violence Debate, Charismatic Politics: The Social and Political Impact of Renewal, Child Sex Abuse and the Internet, Religion and Contemporary Issues, and to scholarly journals including Politics and Society, The International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, and Franco-British Studies. He is a frequent expert witness in both UK and international legal cases involving pornography and sexual offences and also appears frequently on the British media.

Scott Tips is the former Managing Editor of the California Law Review and a successful attorney with clients in both the US and Europe. He is a recognized expert and leader in the fields of FDA law, drug law, pharmaceutical law, trademarks, and tax shelter law and also general counsel to the National Health Federation, the USA's leading non-profit consumer health-rights organization. The National Health Federation ( has thousands of members who share the Federation's goal of providing United States citizens with full and complete access to all types and varieties of health products, supplements, and treatments without undue government interference.

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