Director's Bulletin, 20th August 2011

Libertarian Alliance Director's Bulletin

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20th August 2011

Various things to report.

1. Here is our latest publication from the Libertarian Alliance: Historical Notes 052, Understanding the Chinese (2011), by John Derbyshire.

2.. Because, as Richard Littlejohn has said, every gob on a stick has published on them, I will make no comment for the moment on the riots. However, here is a set of comments from me and others on the Libertarian Alliance Blog. And here are some others on the same blog. You are welcome to add your own comments.

3. But here are my thoughts on the criminal justice system in general. These were published in The Malawi Nation. Since libertarianism gets little exposure in black Aftica, I would urge to you post comments on the newspaper website.

4. Here is my reivew of the latest L. Neil Smith novel, Sweeter than Wine. I do recommend the novel very highly.

5. I have already sent out an advertisement for my latest book. However, I can't resist telling you that I have written or published six books already this year, and am a third through another. These books are three historical novels, one alternative history satire, a book about the right to smoke, and a collection of essays on literary subjects. I am currently steaming through a novel of a kind that I think is entirely new.

I don't think there is another libertarian in England who remotely approaches this level of productivity. And if one of my reasons for writing so much is the desire to step under a shower of gold, another reason is my ambition to move the libertarian debate beyond little pamphlets about privatising coffee pot procurement for the Ministry of Defence. To stand any chance of success, libertarianism needs to be a full spectrum cultural movement. It needs novels and plays and poems. It needs symphonies and films. Therefore, please do buy copies of my Literary Essays. You can buy some of my books in hard copy from here, and for Kindle from here. My friend Richard Blake is gradually getting his Amazon author page together. In the meantime, you can get copies of his epic novel of Arab-Byzantine conflict and the race for Greek Fire here. You can also read the first chapter for free.

Do please buy copies. The money is always handy - and, remember, I am trying, almost single-handed, to get a cultural revolution going. Money aside, the more copies I sell, the better I feel about writing. Also, I'd be very grateful for some reviews on Amazon. They don't even need to be that flattering. I sell much better than it looks for the paucity of reviews. Sales and reviews together would really perk me up.

6. The Libertarian Alliance is currently between websites. Our old website - - is complete up to February this year. Since then, however, we have added nothing to it. Instead, we have been putting all new material here - We have also been carrying all the old stuff over. It will be a longish time before the new website can be called finished. Until then, we are keeping bothing running. Do have a look at the new site. I am rather proud that I have now discovered how to do Suckerfish drop-down menus in Drupal. Though I spend most of my life hunched over a keyboard, I am growing rather good at modern web design.

7. Oh, and I don't think I ever sent this out, though it was republished in several Asian and African newspapers.