Tim Evans

Tim EvansDr Tim Evans (Current Shareholder and Former President) has worked for numerous organisations that include: The Foundation for Defence Studies (defunct), The Independent Healthcare Association (defunct), The Centre for the New Europe (defunct), Global Health Futures (defunct), Westminster Associates (defunct), Nurses for Reform (defunct), and the Cobden Centre (watch this space).

He was President of the Libertarian Alliance between 2006 and February 2011. His stated grounds for resignation were the need to rebalance his business and personal interests. This was made an opportunity by certain persons for ill-informed speculation. However, Dr Evans continues to play an important role in the Libertarian Alliance. As of the 8th November 2014, he retained the 49 per cent shareholding in the Libertarian Alliance Ltd, given to him by Sean Gabb, and continued steadfastly to refuse all requests to give this back so shares could be allocated to active members of the Committee.