What is the LA?

 The Libertarian Alliance is the largest and most active libertarian organisation outside North America.

We are not against any transient set of politicians, or their policies, or their parties.

We are against the State itself - the State and all the other structures of oppression that it creates or enables.

When we talk about freedom, we don't set or imply limits.

For us, freedom of speech is the right to say anything about public affairs, whether political, scientific, historical or otherwise.

For us, freedom of association is about the right to deal (or not) with any other consenting adult, 
for any non-aggressive purpose, and without need for explanation.

We believe in the right to carry and use guns for self-defence, in the right to consume or sell
recreational drugs, in the right to use or publish pornography.

We believe that government spending should be cut.
We think a fair approximation to a free society would be one in which  the average tax bill was lower than the average phone bill.

As we said in 1981, "What we want is a Government so small,  that it doesn't matter where it is, what it does, who's in it, or how they got there"

And that's just the beginning!