Director's Bulletin, 18th May 2011

Libertarian Alliance Director's Bulletin

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Director’s Bulletin

Wednesday the 18th May 2011

1. Payment for Material

If I said the Libertarian Alliance was in robust financial health, I’d be exaggerating. However, we have now stabilised our finances and have received a couple of most generous donations. This being so, it is time to make good on the vague promise that I made a few months ago, and announce that we shall, from today, pay £50 for everything we publish in our Notes series.

£50 can hardly be called riches – bearing in mind the length and standard we require of those who write for us, it is a pittance. But it is something, and I can say from my own experience how satisfying it can be to receive any payment at all. Moreover, subject to all the obvious reservations, we do intend to increase this payment.

The Libertarian Alliance is, ultimately, a propagandist organisation – and a propagandist organisation of a peculiar type. You will have noticed that we took absolutely no notice of the late referendum on changing the voting system. We took no notice because everything we might have been inclined to say was adequately said elsewhere. We focus instead on libertarian issues that are ignored by the mainstream media, or avoided by the largely commercial policy institutes. For examples of what we take pride in publishing, I refer you to

Legal Notes 51, What to Do ff You Become Involved with the Criminal Law (2011), by Robert Henderson

Legal Notes 50, The Freemen of the Land Movement: Grass Roots Libertarianism in Action (2010), by John Kersey

The second of these is the only scholarly overview of a movement that may or may not be of great significance in extending the libertarian argument from a few dozen intellectuals to the broad masses of this country. The first is exactly what the title says it is. We live in a police state, and we and our friends can no longer regard ourselves as members of the non-torturable class. We need to know what to do if the Plods of our ruling class militia come knocking on our doors.

We hope to publish much else of this kind and of similar kinds. If you are one of our financial supporters, do accept our thanks for your generosity, and our continuing determination to make whatever difference we can for the cause of liberty in this country.

If you have an original and so far unpublished essay that you think might be of interest to us, please send it in MSWord format to Dr Meek, our Editorial Director, at

2. Broadcast Outreach

In the past fortnight, I have made two appearances on PressTV, which is the Iranian equivalent of Russia Today. My first appearance was with Tony Benn. My second was still more interesting, as it involved a long discussion with two classical liberals of what is actually meant by a free market, and whether popular unrest is likely to spread from the Middle East to large parts of Europe. Sadly, these discussions appear to have been dubbed straight into Farsi, and no English recording has been kept. Still worse, I have been unable to find them on the PressTV website. I have urged the London managers of this operation to reconsider their policy.

And I am now in touch with the London managers of Russia Today. I would have gone on air to discuss the killing of Osama bin Laden, but was at the time wandering about the ruined monuments on Lindisfarne, and the tides made it impossible for me to get down to Newcastle in time for the broadcast. I do hope that the next call will come when I am better able to accept it.

Now, even a few years ago, dealing with media operations like these would justly have raised a few eyebrows. But our own mainstream media did not then seem so utterly corrupt as it plainly is today. Also, while there may be certain issues that cannot be discussed, everything I want to say can be said fully and clearly discussed in most agreeable company.

But I also continue with the grind of appearances on the BBC. I did two interviews and one panel discussion on various local radio stations. I did all three of these while walking about the grassy parts of Northumberland, and failed to make a note of which stations these were.

3. Written Outreach

Here is my statement, made last month for the Libertarian Alliance, in defence of trial by jury: enabled)

This was picked up and republished in many other places, including The Brussels Journal.

I will not trouble you with the humorous statement I made on the Royal Wedding. However, I was asked to work this into a short article for VDare. You can see the result here:

Monarchy, Nation-States, And The Failed Reign of “Elizabeth The Useless”

This makes three main points: that the British Constitution does reasonably imply a more active role for the Monarchy than many have assumed; that Her Present Majesty has been a miserable failure throughout her reign, and must be seen as one of the main authors of our descent into the gutter since 1952; that, even so, constitutional monarchy remains the least bad form of government, so far as it makes it possible for a head of state who is not simply a political asset stripper.

Here is the statement I would have made on Russia Today regarding the killing of Mr bin Laden:

Osama bin Laden, Degeneration and Savagery (2011), by Sean Gabb

I will not comment on this statement. Either you think the American State did right to kill Mr bin Laden, or you believe the killing stinks all the way to heaven itself, and that Nemesis hurries not far behind this latest act of hubris. I know what I think.

Here is a longish article I wrote last month on whether businesses should have the right to discriminate against homosexuals:

FLC207, Should Businesses Have the Right to Discriminate against Homosexuals? Sean Gabb, 19th April 2011

This was prompted by claims that two homosexual men were thrown out of a pub in Soho because they were seen kissing each other. The article goes through the standard libertarian arguments about the lack of any distinction between personal and commercial rights. It then looks at the mutualist and left libertarian critique of “right conflationism” or “vulgar libertarianism.”

4. Forthcoming Engagements

Next week, I shall fly out to Turkey, to attend and speak at the Bodrum conference of the Property and Freedom Society. As ever, this conference will be of absorbing interest, and I will make a full report afterwards.

5. Libertarian Fiction

My very close friend Richard Blake – the critically-acclaimed and international best-selling author – has asked me to remind everyone that his Sword of Damascus will come out, via Hodder & Stoughton, on the 9th June. This is, among much else, a satire on the neo-conservatives, and is a story calculated to warm the heart of everyone who hopes to live to a full age. Without any bias in the matter, I say that this is easily the best thing Mr Blake has ever written. Certainly, the ladies at Hodder & Stoughton were delighted and surprised by its ending, and accepted it for publication without changes. You can reserve your copies here:

My own Churchill Memorandum continues to do well. Despite a surreal and thoroughly Anglocentric plot, it is now selling more copies in America than anywhere else, and it is now worth my while to fill in all the forms needed to stop the American tax authorities from stealing a third of my earnings there. Here are the two latest reviews of the novel:

Or you can read all the reviews I have been able to find here:

And you can buy your copies here:

Now, leave aside the matter of my desire to make a shedload of money from my novels – I do most earnestly assure you that The Churchill Memorandum is very good propaganda for the libertarian cause. I am not guilty of vain boasting when I say it is a sharp and funny novel – all the reviewers so far have said this. It is also a satire on the world that does exist, written from the perspective of a world that might have existed. Bearing in mind the impact on the old ruling class of satire from the “left” in the 1960s, and how a renewed burst of satire helped bring Tony Blair to power in 1997, we really need more novels like The Churchill Memorandum. I urge you, therefore, to buy many copies and to recommend it to all your friends and loved ones. By doing this, you will encourage others to write their own satires of those who rule us. You will also encourage me to get on with my own next project – which is a science fiction/fantasy novel of a kind that I do not think anyone else has yet attempted.

6. Books Received

During the past month, I have received copies of the following books:

Peter Richards, Free-Born John Lilburne, English Libertarian, and Other Essays on Liberty – available at:

Mr Richards is a long-standing friend of the Libertarian Alliance, and many of the contents of his latest book were originally published by us. He is an engaging but scholarly writer. I do strongly recommend this book.

David Hoile, The International Criminal Court: Europe’s Guantanamo Bay – available at:

Dr Hoile focuses on a pretty obscure organ of the New World Order, and shows with overwhelming force how utterly evil and corrupt it is, and was always intended to be. If you care about the global ruling class that is abolishing all national independence and individual freedom, this is an essential read.

Roland Baader, Money Socialism: The Real Cause of the New Global Depression – available at:

The title is forbidding. The cover is bleak. I only read this book because I noticed that my friend Robert Groezinger had translated it into English. But it is a good and easy read. It explains from an Austrian perspective just how awful is the banking and financial interest that has brought our civilisation to the brink of collapse.

That’s all for now!