How to Give to the Libertarian Alliance

You can give to us in five ways:

Anonymous Cash/Cheque

Go into any British Bank and put these details on a paying-in slip:

Bank: Barclays Bank
Account: The Libertarian Alliance
Sort Code: 20-94-48
Account No: 43716171

Fill in whatever sum you please, and hand this with your cash or cheque to the man or woman behind the counter. We shall never know your identity! 

Standing Order

Click icon for a printable Standing Order Mandate:

Give us more than £25 a month, and get a signed copy of Sean Gabb's Smoking, Class and the Legitimisation of Power, or of his Churchill Memorandum, or of his Literary Essays, or of his Column of Phocas, or of his War and the National Interest, or of his Cultural Revolution, Culture War.

Internet Banking

Use these details:

Account: The Libertarian Alliance
Sort Code: 20-94-48
Account No: 43716171

Telephone Banking

Use these details:

Account: The Libertarian Alliance
Sort Code: 20-94-48
Account No: 43716171

£10  per  month  

Of course, if you don't want to fuss about with all the above, you could always write a cheque, in the currency of your choice, to "The Libertarian Alliance" and post it to:

  The Libertarian Alliance
Suite 35
2 Lansdowne Row
London W1J 6HL

Why Give to the Libertarian Alliance?

The Libertarian Alliance is the largest and most active libertarian organisation outside North America.

During the past few decades, we have published more than 800 pamphlets. Some of these have been two or four page leaflets. Some have been really substantial. Some have been topical or related to specific campaigns. Some have dealt with issues of political or economic theory. We publish around fifty new pamphlets each year. These are placed on our website, and are read by an average of 5,000 different people each day.

We also take part in around 100 hours each year of radio and television debates, mostly in the United Kingdom, but also in the United States and in various European countries. And we provide speakers on libertarian issues to other organisations, and to take part in debates. We record as much of this as we can and place it on our website.

We do all of this on a budget that would probably not cover tea and biscuits at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Our biggest expenses are the rent on our London maildrop and our Internet bills. The various Officers of the Libertarian Alliance are lavish with their time, and take hardly a penny in expenses.

We receive no corporate funding. Instead, we rely on occasional and regular donations from sympathetic individuals. We are very grateful for what we receive. But there is so much more that we could do, if only the funding was there.

Among much else, we would like:

  • to pay our writers more than £50 per essay
  • to publish now and again in hard copy
  • to publish hard copy books of Libertarian Alliance material
  • to publish more in general
  • to spend more time on cultivating the print and broadcast media
  • to do proper searches to see how often we are mentioned in the media
  • to be able to put in for a few expenses – petrol, coffee, etc
  • to sort out the endless snags on our new website
  • to move our website to a dedicated server